We are a few kids with big dreams from the quiet suburbs of a couple major mid-western cities. We value the simple premise of having a snowy white holiday season, no matter where you call home.

The idea of spreading the word and making the Snowing Christmas Tree available to all was conceived by a family friend – what you see here is the interpretation and execution of this idea.  Like you, we love the holidays and what they stand for: Warmth, Cheer, Family, Friends and Unforgettable Memories.

We wanted to provide a simple e-commerce solution that offers something unique, a product to be experienced and enjoyed by all who see it in action. A type of Holiday Tree that is captivating by its own simple function, a Snowing Christmas Tree. After seeing the Tree snow in person, we knew that the Original Snowing Christmas Tree is the best artificial tree to be experienced during winter time. We set out to spread Holiday Cheer by offering the opportunity for a white Christmas in the comfort of your own home, no matter what the weather is outside.

Give the gift of a white Christmas, or own your piece of the Holidays this season; buy yourself an Original Snowing Christmas Tree for sale by Holiday Cheer Co.

snowing christmas tree forest